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My name is Tonimarie, I am a  New Hampshire state licensed massage therapist among other things. In 2002 I took my first Reiki class. Working as an LNA at the time I would offer it to my patients. Soon I moved on to a massage school. As I was introduced to different modalities, I found myself feeling these were all good things but I was still searching for a missing piece. I went on to take classes working with plants as food, medicine and plant allies. Classes in Essential oils to blend things for family and friends.and taking a class in Quantum touch with my youngest led me to become a Quantum Touch practitioner. I love crystals and decided to add crystal healing to my toolbox as well. There was a shaman at my baby brothers funeral who inspired me to take two years of core shamanism and some classes in Celtic shamanism. As I searched for a way to blend everything I went to a mini solo retreat in Florida and became an Elemental card reader. 

All was good and I started holding 1 on 1 classes and retreats but Corona virus hit. I was deemed non-essential and my world changed. In 2020 I through everything in storage and drove cross country. I was coming home to my business and house sit for a Shaman. He said I could hold stuff there and my thought was...."I can't,, ALL my stuff is in storage". How could I teach what I was not living. Summer came and I found property to pitch a tent on and showered at my friends before work. Living in a tent I got a call from Earth Based Institute where I had taken a class. They asked in I was still interested in the coaching. I signed up for a 8 week leadership class. While getting ready to end it, I was invited to jump into the coaching. I wasn't ready but I took the leap. THIS WAS THE MISSING PIECE.

My office in Lebanon, NH is a great place to do Massage and Energy healing, even a coaching session. BUT.....I Love to connect people to nature, empowering them to reach their goals. IN ACWORTH, NH I COMBINE WHAT  I LEARNED ALONG MY JOURNEY TO OFFER CLASSES, NATURE CONNECTED COACHING AND "MINI" RETREATS TAILORED TO YOU.












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