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What is Transformational Coaching through Nature Connection?

What do you think of when you hear "Nature Connection"? Do you feel you have to be OFF grid to connect? Do you live in a city or apartment and feel limited to connecting? How do you create space for your Nature Connection? What are some of the activities that connect you? Are there plants, animals or anything else you are drawn too? Have you ever thought about how your life goes through cycles much like nature does? Do you eve use analogies that relate to nature? 

The coaching Federation considers Nature Coaching an approach to coaching developed in connection with Nature (not in a simple :"presence" of Nature). It's aimed at restoring human beings to their natural ability to take care of themselves, of other living creatures (human and non-human), and the Earth.

Indoors- We may use Nature in the form of objects, plants, and natural materials as well as Nature inspired imagery.

Outside- This will be based on your needs as well as the seasons. Sit spot, Wander, Nature Bathing (clothed) observation and connection activities are some of the things we may embark on. 

If you want to take that "Deep Dive" and explore Nature in relation to what you are wanting to work on in your life, there is that option on Mondays and some Weekends.. This would take place at Natures Playhouse in Acworth, NH $70/hr up to 4 hours or $100 for a 4 hour class with others which we offer in Acworth also but sometimes choose other locations based on class topic 

A client form for the Transformational Coaching through Nature Connection is required before the session or class so we can better know what your goals are..

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