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Connecting to Nature       Saturday July 8th in Acworth, NH     9am-2pm

 if that fills up there is also one on    Sunday July 30th in Acworth, NH    9am-2pm

This class is offered as an introduction to the world around you. Are you just in contact with Nature or are you connected to Nature. Are there things that always present themselves to you? What message do they hold for you? Do you notice the sounds even when it's quiet? Where do you feel that in your body? What does that mean to you?

This is a combination of Nature and Coaching as far as opening up your mind to creating positive outcomes. We will be outside so dress appropriately. Some inside time as well so the class will be small to accommodate everyone. Light snack, tea, water and coffee provided. A pen, notebook or journal is recommended. If you have a small object you would like to charge with positive energy or a message for universe that you need help with, we will have space for that. If your ready to play and explore, make sure you call, txt or let me know while you are at the office. 603-491-4746  Cost is $125 payable by cash, check or credit card


We be "Jamm'n"       Sunday August 27th Acworth, NH     9am-2pm

So excited to offer this class. This is not a normal jam and jelly class. YES! we will be making a batch of jam together. AND SAMPLING We will also be discussing different types, talking about the benefits, how you can bring in the energy of that time and tap into it later. Recipes and ...did I mention SAMPLING Have you ever had a jam or jelly not seal or firm up? Check out some ideas we have on that that make you smile and say "it's OK"

Call, txt or save your spot when your at the office. $125 handouts but you might want to bring a notebook and pen. 













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